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Atlanta: Manufacturing & Logistics Capital of the Southeast


This article at a glance:

    We’re proud to call Atlanta our home since 1983. Here some of the many reasons why it is such an important manufacturing and logistics hub:

  • Multiple interstate highways converge on Atlanta and the immediate vicinity.
  • Two class I railroads and dozens of spurs operate out of the city.
  • Atlanta boasts quick access to a deep water port in Savanna, the 4th largest in the US.
  • Atlanta’s airport is the busiest and one of the largest in the country.
  • Georgia offers a very friendly business environment and has an astounding number of qualified, educated workers.

When we opened our doors in 1983 we knew that our location in Atlanta would allow us to directly serve some of the great manufacturers in the country and prepare their crates and packages for transportation throughout the world. 38 years later, Atlanta is still a great place for a transportation packaging company like Reid Packaging.

Here are some of the reasons why Atlanta is such a great place for transport packaging business in 2021.

  • Interstates

    When Dwight D. Eisenhower was launching the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, which is credited to be one of the main reasons for the robust highway system in the U.S., he chose a Georgia native, Lucius D. Clay, to be in charge of mapping the system. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why three major interstates: I-75, I-85, and I-20 intersect in Atlanta, cementing its status as the most important shipping hub in the southeast region. I-95, I-59 and I-16 pass through the state as well, only a short distance from Atlanta’s center. For this reason, trucks hauling freight from Atlanta can reach 80 percent of the US market in two days.

  • Railroads

    Atlanta’s original reason for existence was as the terminus of the Western and Atlantic railroad. Its birth as a railroad terminus is reflected in the fact that two Class I railroads, CSX and Norfolk Southern operate out of the city, along with 24 short-line carriers. Intermodal transport makes the Atlanta metro area one of the busiest inland ports in America.

  • Distance to port

    Atlanta’s short distance to the deep-water port of Savannah ensures easy access to the country’s fourth busiest container port. The port is in the process of expanding and deepening, so that larger vessels can come and go more quickly, without needing to wait for high tide.

  • Air travel

    Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport continues to be the busiest passenger airport in the world, and has held this title since 1998. It carries some 100 million passengers to 225 non-stop destinations every year. It is also the 10th-largest cargo hub in North America. From Atlanta you can reach 80 percent of the US market in a two-hour flight.

  • Business environment

    Atlanta is home to many of the largest and most important transportation and logistics companies: UPS, Delta, SAIA all make their homes there. Additionally, Home Depot, Coca-Cola, CNN and AT&T have global headquarters in Atlanta, with Walmart, Kellogg’s, Solo-Cup, Kimberley-Clark and Clorox having all established major distribution centers. Due to the positive business environment (low cost of business) and its transport options, Atlanta has the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the US.

  • Skilled workforce

    Atlanta’s workforce is highly skilled. In 2014, 45% of adults 25 years or older in the Atlanta metro area had at least 4-year college degrees. The national average is 28%.

  • Quality of life

    No matter the economic and infrastructural incentives to do business here, Atlanta is also a wonderful place to live and do business. Between our four professional sports teams, a thriving film industry, and a low cost of living, you’re never wanting for excitement. Add to that the friendly attitude that pervades the city and you’ll never look back after setting up shop here.

Given the business environment, geography, major investments in infrastructure, and talented workforce, there are so many reasons to consider bringing your business to Atlanta. We’re proud to contribute to Atlanta’s thriving logistics and transport packaging economy, protecting some of the world’s most valuable products as they travel to destinations the world over. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help with your packaging needs.