On-Site Industrial Crating Services

We do the crating in your facility, offering services to industrial manufacturers, rigging companies, freight forwarders, relocation companies, and their shippers.

REID PACKAGING offers custom on-site crating services. Our packaging specialists bring their materials to your facility to build your crates and boxes on-site.

Reid Packaging offers custom on-site crating services to industrial manufacturers, rigging companies, freight forwarders, relocation companies and their shippers.

On-site crating services are for items that are too large, too heavy, too fragile, too valuable, too uniquely shaped or too confidential to be moved before crating.

Our Experienced Crate Builders Come To Your Facility

Here at Reid Packaging, we have teams of experienced crate-builders who routinely go to our clients’ facilities to package and crate items on-site. Working at YOUR facility means that you don’t need to transport the items before they are crated for shipping.

Many items simply can’t be moved until they are in a secure shipping crate. That’s why building shipping crates on-site is so important.

Fully Equipped and Prepared

Our teams travel with all the tools and supplies that they will need. We design the crates and prepare the wood and other materials (barrier bags, corrugated, hardware) before arriving, so we can be as efficient as possible at your facility. If the crate is headed overseas, then we bring ISPM-15 certified dimensional lumber suitable for export. Learn more about export crating and international shipping requirements.

Just In Time Production

Making custom crates for shipping your items represents a significant part of any production line. We work closely with companies in ongoing capacities, sometimes setting up a full-time crating operation for their products. Let Reid Packaging handle your custom on-site packaging needs so you can get back to your core business.

Whether it’s one item or a thousand items, our on-site crating teams are ready to come to you.

Get in touch for a quote for an on-site crating job.