Moisture Control & Corrosion Prevention

REID PACKAGING maintains an extensive inventory of vapor barrier materials, desiccants and other products that control moisture exposure and prevent corrosion in your industrial packaging.

When packaging a product for transport, it is crucial to consider any moisture or humidity issues that might affect the shipment and to plan accordingly. Shipping products overseas, by boat or by air, and even shipping them locally, can expose them to temperature changes and related moisture issues that might affect the product’s quality or integrity. Items shipped by sea container can face weeks to months of uncertain storage conditions at sea, or in shipyards and storage facilities. It’s always best to work with an expert packager who can anticipate the moisture control issues that may arise and actively protect your products before it’s too late.

Experience Counts

Our decades of experience in the industrial packaging industry have taught us a lot about how to anticipate even the most unlikely scenario, to protect your valuable products from harmful moisture and corrosion. With our 40 years of experience, you can rest assured knowing that your product is safe no matter what it encounters in its transportation journey.

Vapor Barrier Materials and Desiccant

We use sealable barrier bags as they are the most effective packaging solution available to protect against moisture damage caused by rain, humidity, condensation, salt spray and other harmful or corrosive agents capable of penetrating exterior packaging. We add desiccant prior to sealing the barrier bags, so that sensitive surfaces and electrical components can be protected from damaging corrosion while in transit.

You can count on Reid to calculate the appropriate amount of desiccant and to seal the bags perfectly each and every time. Whether we are working at your facility or at ours, you can rest assured that your product will be safely protected from harmful moisture in transit.

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