Heavy Machinery Crates

Trust REID PACKAGING’s Profound Expertise in Safely Handling, Packaging, and Securing Large, Heavy, and Highly Valuable Machinery.

Heavy machinery poses unique challenges and risks when it needs to be transported. Reid Packaging has the experience necessary to safely package these large, heavy, and extremely valuable machines.

Custom Crates For Heavy Equipment

In the manufacturing sector, moving heavy equipment can pose unique problems. These machines can weigh tens of thousands of pounds while also having very fragile components. Skidding, lifting and moving these crates requires logistical, engineering and design experience with very small margins for error.

Reid Packaging has extensive experience crating heavy equipment weighing a hundred thousand pounds and more.

We have custom-built thousands of crates that have allowed for heavy machinery to be moved safely and efficiently.

We know what questions need to be asked to be sure that every last detail is taken care of in the process of crating heavy machinery.

Our services include:

  • ISPM-15 export crating for international shipments of heavy equipment
  • Plywood or solid wood crates custom built to specific dimensions
  • Cushioned skids to protect against vibration and impact
  • Lifting instructions to ensure the equal distribution of weight in the moving process
  • Digital “truck scales” up to 120,000 lbs. to weigh crates or fully loaded trucks
  • Custom digital stencils cut to any size or specification
  • Blocking and bracing any moving parts
  • Vapor barrier materials to protect against moisture and humidity
  • On-site packaging at your facility

Having been in the business for decades, we’ve designed and built custom crates for just about every kind of heavy machinery you can imagine.

Do you have a piece of heavy equipment that needs a custom crate built for a move? Get in touch with Reid Packaging for a free quote.