Wood Crates, Plywood Boxes, Custom Pallets & Bases

REID PACKAGING builds everything from the small and simple to the large and most complex wooden containers in the southeast.

REID PACKAGING builds custom wooden crates and bases for products small and large, from small batteries to huge wind turbines. We adapt to your packaging needs and can produce volumes of just one to many thousands.

At Reid Packaging we pride ourselves on providing our customers with custom wood crates and boxes that are right for your application. Whether your requirements are based on industry or government specifications or if a customized solution is what you need, our team of experts will help to determine the most appropriate design and materials for your wooden crate shipping solution.

Our objective is to see that your products are packaged to arrive safely.

Decades of Experience in Custom Wood Crate Manufacturing

With more than 40 years in the Industrial Crating, Mil-Spec Crating, and Export Crating industry, Reid Packaging designs and builds custom engineered quality-built corrugated boxes and wood crating products made to your specifications. We build our wood crates to be extremely durable to withstand repeated shipping and handling. Our crates are custom constructed with PS1-07 plywood and HT SYP cleats, decking, and runners.

Our wooden crates can be custom manufactured with optional carrying handles, hinged lids and doors, latches, hasps and locks, foam-lined interiors, partitions, drawers, ramps, and casters. Export crates are labeled with any required shipping instructions and any international warning symbols necessary. Crates can be labeled with your company logo or any promotional signage if desired.

Whether you need one or one thousand wood crates, Reid Packaging builds durable custom wooden crates to protect your valuable cargo during shipping, or if necessary to last for years of warehousing and storage.

Reid Packaging builds Wood Crates for:

  • Durable Goods Manufacturers’ Equipment Shipping Crates
  • Machinery Manufacturers’ Custom Wooden Crates & Pallets
  • Mass Produced Commercial Crates & Wood Boxes
  • Extra Large Industrial Crates & Heavy Duty Wood Skids & Bases
  • Reusable Shipping and Storage Crates & Custom Pallets
  • Residential Antique and Fine Art Crates & Boxes
  • Reusable Trade Show Crates & Corrugated Packing Boxes
  • Military Specification (Mil-Spec) Packaging
  • Hi-Tech Electronic, Satellite & Aerospace Containers
  • ISPM-15 Certified Export Crates with “HT” Stamp

SPECIFICATIONS: Wood Boxes and Wood Crates

  • PPP-B-601 – Federal Specification for Boxes, Wood, Cleated Plywood Crates
  • PPP-B-621 – Federal Specification for Boxes, Wood, Nailed & Lock-Corner
  • ASTM D6251 – Standard Specification for Wood Cleated Panelboard Shipping Boxes
  • ASTM D6039 – Standard Specification for Crates, Wood, Open & Covered
  • MIL-B-2427 – Military Specification for Boxes, Ammunition Packing: Wood, Nailed