Container Loading, Blocking & Bracing

Expertise in blocking and bracing is crucial for preventing damage during shipment.

REID PACKAGING has extensive experience loading containers, blocking and bracing the loads so that they are secure during shipment.

It may seem straightforward, but actually loading a container is something that requires an immense amount of expertise. The force that a product exerts on its container is relative to its mass, so heavy loads can be especially difficult to secure. Understanding how to block and brace a load so that it doesn’t move in shipment is crucial to ensuring the safe shipment of your product.

Did you know? More than 25% of damage that occurs during shipment is caused by improperly secured loads. Learn more in our blocking and bracing article.

Reid Packaging Can Block & Brace Your Cargo

If you’re looking at a very heavy item placed in a shipping container, you may think that the item is so heavy it won’t move. That would be catastrophically wrong. “Objects in motion stay in motion,” so once the ship or train that the container is loaded onto starts moving, the object exerts a huge amount of force on its own.

Blocking and bracing are the means by which we secure the load to prevent it from moving. Blocking means securing it from lateral movement (side to side, front to back). Bracing means securing it from vertical movement (up and down). Without proper bracing, a load can jump over its blocks, and without proper blocking, the braces won’t hold.

A Complete Container Solution

Reid Packaging has the experience and expertise to take care of all aspects of container loading for your business. We can block and brace the load using export-approved lumber. We can use vapor barrier materials and desiccant to protect against moisture during the voyage. We can also advise you whether you need a crate, or a skid with vapor barrier materials and blocks and braces will be enough.

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