Custom Crate Design

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REID PACKAGING uses advanced digital tools to design crates that ensure the safe transport of your items. Learn more about our crate design services.

21-Century Digital Tools For Custom Crate Design.

Many manufacturers and packagers still use hand-drawn designs for their packaging needs. While this can be sufficient in some circumstances, designing a crate using digital tools or converting existing crate designs into digital designs provides a number of benefits.

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The Benefits of Digital Crate & Packaging Design

The foremost benefit is that if there needs to be a modification to the design, we can simply update the design rather than scrapping it and starting again from a blank slate. So if a product you are packaging has modifications, we can more easily account for those modifications in the packaging design, rather than creating a number of separate packaging designs for each modification.

The second benefit is that you can model many more aspects of a crate design using digital tools than you can with pen and paper. We can create a design and modify elements of the design without starting anew each time. In other words, the process is more of a conversation rather than a simple proposal that needs to be either accepted in full or recreated from scratch.

Reid Packaging’s CAD Crate Design Services

Our CAD designer is on hand to work with you on a crate or box that perfectly meets your needs, using the minimum of material for the maximum protection. We can keep your designs on file to keep creating crates for you in our facility, or we can give them to you to create your own packaging solution.

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