Aerospace Crates

Reid Packaging specializes in packaging parts in accordance with all aerospace packaging specifications and Special Packaging Instructions (SPI’s) for any contract awards.

Aerospace parts require particular expertise from a packager to ensure all parts are sufficiently protected in shipment. Reid Packaging specializes in advanced aerospace crates and works in accordance with any Special Packaging Instructions (SPI’s) required in contracts.


We are pleased to report the successful completion of the dismantling and crating of the Marietta, GA and Meridien, MS assembly lines and related tooling used in the production of the F-22 RAPTOR. We are honored to have been chosen for such an important project and wish everyone at Lockheed a bright and rewarding future. We look forward to our next project together.

Packaging Specialists for Aerospace and Mil-Spec Needs

Reid Packaging has extensive experience in many aspects of aerospace packaging. Aerospace and aircraft parts require extensive knowledge about how to design, build, and label crates that will protect against all potential damage or hazards, with a very small margin of error. Many include specific ASA (Aviation Supplies & Academics) or Mil-Spec packaging requirements. Oversight or non-compliance can not only cost vast sums of money, but can also cost lives and reputations. Our team of aerospace packaging specialists can assist every detail of the aviation and aerospace packaging process.

Trusted Supplier of Custom Aerospace Crates

Reid Packaging is proud to be a supplier of aerospace packaging solutions to several of the biggest names in the aeronautics industry. Whether it is very large, delicate wing assemblies, door crates or wheel assemblies Reid Packaging has extensive experience in providing wood crates and corrugated boxes complete with foam linings and contoured supports necessary to protect your very valuable cargo while meeting all manufacturer, government and military packaging specifications.

An Economical And Efficient Solution

Once your shipment leaves your dock it is subjected to the many unpredictable jolts and jarring of bouncing over railroad tracks, bounced around inside containers, air turbulence and a host of untold impacts. At Reid Packaging we maintain a wide range of cushioning foams for every application from custom designed contours to fully lined crates. In many cases it isn’t about how much foam you put around the item, but the right amount of the correct density foam. At Reid Packaging we design your packaging to provide the optimal protection at the lowest price to suit the application.