Product FAQs

Corrugated FAQs

Do you stock corrugated boxes?

Yes and no, mostly no. We are not a “stock box” distributor. We are a custom box manufacturer and therefore the vast majority of our boxes are made to order. Using our computerized box maker, we can make a wide variety of single, double or triple wall boxes very efficiently and economically with minimum production runs of one. Sometimes we will have limited quantities of surplus boxes, but sizes and quantities available are very limited. The best option is to call and ask what we have that day.

Do you sell used boxes (Gaylords)?

No. We are not a corrugated box reseller; we are a custom box manufacturer. All our corrugated boxes are new.

Should I order by the inside dimensions or outside dimensions of the box I need?

Industry standard is to use inside dimensions of the assembled box. Think of it this way: a box is usually being used to ship a specific product that already has fixed dimensions. You want to order the box based upon having the correct space around that object going inside that box, so it is the inside dimensions that matter most. Exceptions to this rule are when you are calculating how to best fit the packed boxes inside a fixed space such as inside a larger container, or on a warehouse shelf. In these situations outside dimensions can be specified, but this must be made very clear when ordering.

How should I provide the dimensions?

The standard is to provide them as Length (L) x Width (W) x Depth (D) – stated in inches.

Which dimension is length, width, or depth?

The length (L) is the longest side of the open end and the width (W) is the shorter side. The depth (D) is the dimension of the solid wall between the two open ends.

What is a BMC?

That’s a box manufacturer’s certificate, which you will usually find on a bottom flap of a box. The BMC states the name and location of the manufacturer, the minimum material specification being certified, and the gross weight and size limits. A carrier may deny ‘damage claim insurance’ if these guidelines are not met.

Do you sell wholesale boxes to resellers?

We do not have an official reseller program, but a significant percentage of our business comes from wholesaling to resellers, especially triple-wall boxes, so we must be pretty good at it. For the best pricing on these orders please contact us and be sure to let us know this would be for resale.

Can you cut hand-holes on my box?

Yes we can.

Can my logo, or other information be printed on my containers?

Yes, we can have your logo and product information put directly on cartons for an additional set-up (dye) charge.

Can corrugated boxes be recycled?

Yes, corrugated can be recycled and is often made from some percentage of recycled content.

Crating FAQs

Do you stock any “standard” wooden crates?

No, our wooden crates are custom designed and manufactured at the time of your order for your specific requirements. We do sometimes have a few surplus crates from other projects. The best option is to call and speak to one of our sales professionals and ask what sizes and quantities of surplus crates we have that day.

Should I have the crating done at my facility or yours?

The size, weight, value of the items to be crated, space available for the crating and your budget and deadline requirements are just some of the factors to consider when deciding where the work is to be completed. Call and let us help you decide.

When can I use a corrugated box versus a crate?

This depends on many factors and sometimes there is no single answer. Wooden crates can be built to be stronger, but triple wall boxes can offer stack strength similar to wood crates. Corrugated is lighter for air freight. Very large shipping crates can be assembled in panels while very large corrugated boxes can be cumbersome. We often design hybrid solutions combining the advantages of both wood and corrugated to achieve the optimum solution. At REID PACKAGING we manufacture both, so we have no motivation to steer you in a particular direction. Call one of our sales professionals and let us help you make the best choice for your specific situation.

Can you do the crating at my location (on-site crating)?

Yes we can, we do this all the time!

Can you do it today?

What time is it now? Seriously, we will make every effort to achieve the required deadline, but just building the crates or boxes takes time. Sometimes we can move things in the production schedule and sometimes we can’t. You just have to call us and discuss it today; every day is different, but if we do say we can do it, you can rely on it.

Can you arrange shipping?

Yes we can for domestic shipments; international shipments need to be discussed.

Can you pick up and deliver?

We can. We have a 26’ box truck and a 26’ flatbed truck with an annual oversized load permit for the state of Georgia.