Foam Cushioning & Protective Wraps

REID PACKAGING maintains a variety of foam cushioning and protective wraps that cushion your items during transport.

Once a shipment leaves your dock it is subjected to the many unpredictable impacts of transportation: bouncing over potholes or stopping short in a truck, rocking back and forth in a train, jostling on sea containers, or during air turbulence. At Reid Packaging we maintain a wide range of cushioning foams for every application from custom designed contours to fully lined crates.

We keep a variety of protective foams in stock to use on your packaging. We hold both polyurethane and polyethylene foams in a variety of densities and thicknesses.

  • Polyurethane foam
    This is a lightweight, open-cell foam that is great for vibration protection and can be combined with other materials to give your product a very smooth ride.
  • Polyethylene foam
    This is a more durable closed-cell foam that is more rigid than polyurethane foam and provides protection for heavier items.

In many cases it isn’t about how much foam you put around the item, but rather the right amount and correct density of foam. At Reid Packaging we design your packaging using protective foam to provide the optimal protection at the lowest price to suit the application.

Learn more about the art and science of using protective foam in our article “Less is More: Using Foam to Protect Valuable Products in Shipment.”

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