Heavy Duty Versatility # 1: Corrugated Boxmaking

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Heavy Duty Versatility # 1: Corrugated Boxmaking

At Reid Packaging we organize our business around providing services that most directly meet the needs of our clients. This had led us to establish two unique and important goals that set us apart from the competition and that form the baseline of our everyday operations.


We want to be able to make you any kind of package.
And we mean ANY. Our shop is uniquely geared towards being able to manufacture crates and boxes that are very big or very small. There is really no job too big for us (just take a look at our F-22 project).


We want to be able to make it cost effective to order just one crate.
In other words, we don’t need you to order a thousand crates to make the job worthwhile for us (and we don’t reflect that kind of need in our pricing to you). Our shop is uniquely set up to handle custom jobs each day, while also being able to do high volumes when the job entails that.


Versatile, custom crate manufacturing.

This means that we are set up to solve a problem in the industry: heavy duty versatility. Usually when you get into very large crates and custom dimensions, you run into high costs because shops are set up to do high volumes rather than custom one-off crates. We mix the best of both worlds by having large and powerful machines able to cut wood and cardboard sheets at huge dimensions, but we don’t gouge you for the custom one-off. In fact, we always enjoy a new challenge and take great pride in being able to give you a high-quality crate no matter the size and no matter the volume.

Case in point #1: 103” Wide Computerized Boxmaker.

One way to illustrate this unique aspect of our business is to show you a machine that really helps us meet our goals for service. This is a fully computerized 103” wide by virtually any length triple wall boxmaker. Enter the final box dimensions, box style and corrugated thickness into the computer and this machine will calculate the box blank and automatically position the cutters and scorers. Then simply feed in the corrugated sheet and it will cut and score the cardboard as it passes through the machine, ready for stitching in a matter of seconds.
Many shops have machines like this able to handle a 55 or 86 inch single or double wall sheet of cardboard. Not us. We wanted to be truly versatile, so we have a machine that can handle 103 inch wide sheets of triple wall corrugated. This means we’re able to produce extremely large triple wall cardboard boxes without taking the time to cut and score them by hand, which enables us to provide them at lower cost to you… even for just one box. However, we also have a manual line allowing us to go to 120 inch widths when necessary.

Check out the boxmaker in action!


We’ll be posting more about our unique heavy-duty versatility work. We’ll be featuring special jobs and the machines that make these jobs possible and cost-effective. Stay tuned!