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Just In (The Nick of) Time

4 Benefits of Just In Time Packaging

In the US, manufacturing is a cutting-edge affair. It happens in real time, and slicing minutes, even seconds, off of a product line’s production can sometimes mean the difference between winning or losing in a market. In this fast paced world, time is ticking.

But when it comes to packaging, we’re apt to forget about our commitment to efficiency. Somewhere in the hand-off between manufacturing, packing and shipping, we see valuable time and money lost to communication and schedule problems, costly warehousing and wasted materials.

Enter just-in-time (JIT) packaging solutions. JIT is based on the innovations that Toyota made to manufacturing in the 20th century, which called for less ‘held’ inventory and for products to arrive just in time for the next step of their process.


Just In Time Shipping and PackingIn packaging, JIT means having the flexibility to quickly package different kinds of items without having to store or waste valuable packaging materials. It signifies that we stand ready to deliver crates and industrial packaging quickly. The way we accomplish this feat is to have a huge warehouse, full of raw materials to make those JIT crates and wooden boxes.

We act quickly, having plywood and beam saws aplenty. That way, we don’t inventory finished crates but can produce them lickety split!

We work collaboratively with clients to ensure that they can do their JIT in manufacturing – and we can do our JIT in packaging and the product gets delivered on a predictable schedule that is bottom line sensitive – across the board.

4 Benefits of Just-In-Time Packaging

Increased ROI
For companies doing a lot of packaging and shipping volume, but with varied types of products, packaging can hurt your bottom line. Without a JIT solution, packaging that is unused gets piled up, taking valuable warehouse space and zapping liquidity. With a JIT partnership for your packaging, you can rest assured that products are ready to go, without the extra management involved in inventory industrial packaging.

Better Quality
When packaging mistakes go to market, it can be particularly hazardous for a company. It can negatively impact sales, brand identity and overall efficiency.  JIT packaging prevents large-scale mistakes because of its commitment to continuous improvement and monitoring. Resourcing ourselves to be constantly improving and quality oriented means fewer mistakes and many less costly problems.

Reduced Costs and Staff
We’ve all seen it before: packaging materials can take up a huge amount of space in the warehouse. This space needs to be managed; inventory must be sorted, staffed, located and assembled. All of these processes can be costly and cumbersome. Working with a JIT packaging partner can mean letting these demands go – so that you can focus on what you do best and boost your bottom line.

Keeping Manufacturing Green
Wasted packaging materials that are due to swings in inventory, are common problem for production lines and mean tons of wasted material, energy and resources. Even if these packaging materials can be recycled, it’s still better to not use them in the first place.  The extra warehouse space has to be heated and cooled, and often-cumbersome packaging processes mean wasted transportation costs and fuel because of added, under-capacity shipments.

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JIT – Here to Stay and to Solve Your Problems

The demands of manufacturing in the 21st century mean that one size cannot possibly fit all. We are moving towards ever-more advanced production, with customized approaches that incorporate a heightened level of sophistication. Packaging shouldn’t lag behind these exciting innovations. With JIT, it doesn’t have to.

Give REID Packaging a call to discuss working together on making your business more nimble and competitive through a cutting-edge JIT partnership.


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