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Featured Products - Show Crates & Reusable Crates - Ece-Pak Pallet Collars

Reusable Crates, Trade Show Crates, Custom CratesAt Reid Packaging we design and manufacture a variety of Show Crates and other reusable crating solutions for shipping the same items multiple times, for Trade Show Crates or to provide cost savings for customers who can retrieve and reuse their packaging:

Screws and Bolts
For the simplest and least expensive reusable crating specify screws instead of nails for assembled crates. With careful handling these crates will hold up to several uses. However, for a more durable solution, suh as for Show Crates, we recommend bolts and hex or butterfly nuts. Specific hand tools are required for assembly.

Made from a special tensile and chemical composition of galvanized spring wire, Klimps were designed by spring engineers and are so reliable that the manufacturer guarantees them for life. For more than 50 years these fasteners have been used to make returnable and economical knock-down crates. Containers secured with Klimp® fasteners open and close quickly and easily for inspection or unloading, free of opening damage and ready for reloading and onward shipping.

Hinges and Hasps
Some of the most commonly requested reusable crates use hinged lids or swing open doors. The latter are often the style of choice for Trade Show Crates and are often designed with partitions or foam lined compartments. Many of these crates are built with attached or removable ramps to facilitate loading and unloading in facilities with no lift equipment.

Ece-Pak Pallet Collars

Incredibly popular among European manufacturers, especially within the automotive part industry, Ece-Pak pallet collars provide a host of convenience, ergonomic and economic advantages. Made of wood they are environmentally friendly and not petrochemical dependent. The unique hinged corner assembly allows them to pack flat for shipping allowing repeated usage to be cost effective. The ability to stack the collars to the exact height required makes it easier to optimize truck, or container loading and the ability to remove collars to lower the side walls of a crate as the contents are unloaded reduces the need to bend over and reach into the bottoms of crates. When used in combination with lift tables your parts handlers and packers can always work at the optimum height.

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